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Andy Gailey

Andy Gailey

Founder of Uptime Consultant Ltd a UK based Engineering Reliability and Strategy company. I'm a Mechanical Production Engineer, started in aerospace then automotive before working for PepsiCo specialising in maintenance and reliability engineering. I formed Uptime Consultant in 2015 to share my 40 years of engineering knowledge and experience with clients including Nissan UK, National Grid, PepsiCo, Walkers, Severn Trent, WMG, Interflon, Senseye, Iconsys and more. With my partner Jenny we've helped clients with a wide variety of challenges, Criticality, Maintenance, Strategy, Predictive, TPM, RCM, RCA, Inventory, Lubrication and Training in all the above. After four years my main constraint is time, it's finite so I've decided to take Uptime Consultant online to teach more people at a lower cost. We will continue to work with clients onsite when requested, where maximum impact can be made. This platform is aimed at individuals, groups or smaller organisations where time and finances are in short supply.

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