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    • Lubrication - Course Content

    • Before we begin... where are you now with Lubrication?

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    • What is Lubrication?

    • The What Presentation

    • What about the 'Why?'

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    • Why Lubrication?

    • The Why Presentation

    • That's Why.. where are the Benefits?

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    • The Payback

    • Lubrication Benefits

    • Return on Investment

    • ROI of Lubrication

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    • Reviewing this Lubrication Course

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    • More resources on Lubrication Basics

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Feedback Reviews

What students say

Great short course on Lubrication

Martins Okon

"Thanks for putting this together. What I would like is more information on Lubricant application and storage with some visual examples of good/bad practice. In all this course was very interesting and informative"

Amazing Short Course on Lubrication Basics

Fares Alaa

"Very fruitful course about lubrication fundamentals, what you should consider, it changes the way of thinking about lubrication and its impact on reliability" 5 ⭐️ review

Stunning Course on Lubrication

Muhammad Usama

"Your course on lubrication was stunning and opens the mind to know the basics regarding lubrication, especially the links to study more about lubrication in shared videos"

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